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Welcome To Bitton Families

Please explore this genealogy site, where you can search our database of transcriptions and extractions for your ancestors from Bitton and nearby areas in Gloucestershire (GLS), Somerset (SOM) and Other Parishes.

Family, women on main st Bitton.

This website is dedicated to our ancestors - the people of Bitton and surrounding areas.
The families they successfully nurtured eventually spread to all corners of the globe.
Without them, we would not be here today.

You may also find information about your particular family in the Families section.

If this is your first visit, please read the Overview for additional information about the site and our database.

Then, follow the county parish links at the top of the page. From there you can search the database for each parish.

The database, which has information from Bitton Parish only at this time, can be accessed directly via the main Search link, at the top of all pages, or via the Parish page.

The FreeFind search box below can be used to search the pages of our site for family names etc. For example, there may be information in the Wills section of families other than your own, which you can find using this site search.

We are also constantly adding information about our ancestors working lives, local industries, parish affairs including Settlement and Removal certificates and examinations, Land Tax records listing inhabitants, old photographs and maps of the area, and more.

Information posted on this site is intended solely for use by fellow family history researchers and not for commercial purposes. Copyrights belong to the original sources and individual contributors. No subsequent transfer or reuse of those rights by third parties is intended or implied.

We welcome your feedback and participation. Please Contact Us with comments, additions, corrections.


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Photos on this page courtesy of Ian S. Bishop

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