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We began to build this site based on extractions/transcriptions of St. Mary's, Bitton that are being entered into a database. We hope to also add other parishes, as well as other types/categories of information as we proceed. From this, a special online version of the database has been constructed for us to be used on the website. It can be searched and also sorted. Be sure to select the 'View' link for additional details. In order to allow sorting by date, Unknown months are entered as 13, Unknown years and days are entered as 00.

Parish Records

The extractions and transcriptions from the original documents are not a complete listing of all entries, except for some limited time periods. Each Parish page will have an explanation of the source documents, the dates of the materials included and state whether they are extractions or transcriptions.

Most entries will be found under Christenings/Baptisms, Marriages and Burials. Links for Births and Deaths have been created for use as/if we have that information.

All transcriptions are being checked to ensure accuracy, but this cannot be guaranteed and there may well be typing or transcription errors; many of the original pages and images are quite faded. You are advised to check original documents held by the relevant Records Office, Family History Society, or your local LDS Family History Center. Please see our Links section for further information.

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GLS Parishes


SOM Parishes

Bye Mill
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