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We welcome your participation in this site and section. If you would like to be listed on the Researchers page and/or have your family included in the Family Pages, please Contact Us.

ANDREWS      BAGGRIDGE      BALLARD      BARNES      BATEMAN      BERTRAM      BRAIN      BRIGHT      BRITON        BROOKMAN        BROWN      BRYANT      BURCHILL       BUSH/BUSHE      BUTLER      CANTER       CATER      COATES      CRATES      COSTER      DORE      ENGLAND      FLOOK     FRANKHAM      FUDGE      GERRISH      GREEN      GULLY      HAINS      HANCOCK      HARRIS      HAYMAN      HIGNELL      HYDEN      HOPES      ILES      JEFFERIES      KIBBLE      LAPHAM       LEONARD       LEWIS       LONG       LOVELL       MEAD      MEERE      MILSOM      MONKS      NAISH      NICHOLLS      OLDS        PALMER       PARKER      PARSONS      PASSMORE      PAYNE       PAYNTER       PRIGG       ROGERS       RICH       SARGENT       SHORT       SPICER       STONE       SUMPTION      SWEET       THOMPSON      TORRANCE      WEBB       WEST       WILLIAMS       WILLIS       WILMOT       YOUNG      

About the Families Section

This section has multiple categories that work together.

Families page

This main Families page contains a master list of Bitton (and area) Family Names that are being researched. Names that are live links will take you to the individual Family Name page.This page also has links to Coincidences Other Families, Researchers and Wills Index sections.


This is a collection of stories, most from our fellow Bitton-area researchers, about the coincidences that keep cropping up once we start researching our ancestors.

Family Name pages

Each name page has an Overview section, which is intended for a broader presentation of the family, and is to be written by at least one of the researchers interested in the name.

The same page also has a Researchers section, where individual researchers of the particular name are listed (live links back to the Researchers page). For names where little is known, the researchers may just be listed. Other names have many researchers, and each individual is invited to submit additional information about more specific family lines/branches.

Other Families

This page has links to websites with additional information about some Bitton families.

Researcher link

The Researchers page is a master list of researchers with Bitton interests. Each entry includes the Researcher Name and Contact Information (email and/or URL) along with a brief description/listing of the area Family Names. Family Names that are live links will take you to the Family Name page.

Settlement & Removal Documents

The Settlement & Removal Index page has a master list of documents by name, each linked to a Settlement & Removal section of the Family Name pages and Other Information page. Click on the links to access the transcriptions.


Be sure to visit our Wanted page of people being sought from the Bitton area.


The Wills Index page has a master list of wills by name, each linked to a Wills section of the Family Name pages. Click on the links to access the transcriptions.


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