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About the Database

The database contains records for St. Mary's Parish. It can be searched and also sorted. Be sure to select the 'View' link for additional details. In order to allow sorting by date, Unknown months are entered as 13, Unknown years and days are entered as 00.

About the Transcriptions

The source of these transcriptions is the St. Mary's Bitton Parish Registers. Original documents are held at the Bristol Records Office.

Our Bitton transcriptions currently start at about 1670. We have good coverage of Bitton Marriages, in particular, with a complete listing of all marriages 1723 to 1760 and a complete surname index for marriages 1760 to 1781. We also have a complete listing of all Bitton baptisms from 1779 to 1813.

The microfilm of these Parish Registers is available worldwide through LDS Family History Centres.
(FHL BRITISH Film 1597036 Items 2-9) (Church of England. Parish Church of Bitton) General register (Baptisms and Burials, 1571-1812; Marriages, 1571-1753) Baptisms, 1813-1929; Marriages and Banns (announcement of upcoming marriage for three weeks prior to the marriage), 1754-1803.

It's a long and very interesting microfilm of these ancient documents, which makes for good reading.

We also plan to add additional selected extractions from other individual researchers over time. Sources will be noted in the 'View' section of the database.

Please revisit as we continue to make additions to the database.


None at this time as registers primarily record christening/baptismal information.
Please keep checking back.


1678 to 1685
Selected names extracted

1686 to 1690
Records missing

1691 to 1812
Selected names extracted


1670 to 1779
Selected names extracted as well as a few random names

1779 to 1813
Complete. All names extracted

1813 to 1929
Selected names extracted


None at this time as registers record burial information. Please keep checking back.


1674 to 1678
Entries missing

1679 to 1684
Records partially missing - few records

1684 to 1690
Selected names extracted (1688 to 1690 - records missing)

1691 to 1723
Selected names extracted as well as a few random names (1719 to 1723 - records missing)

1723 to 1753
Complete. All names extracted

1754 to 1760
Complete. All names extracted. Occupations included

1760 to 1781
Surname Index only. Complete

1782 to 1800
Banns only. Selected names extracted

St Mary's, Bitton

Courtesy of Martin Thompson

Gate at St Mary's, Bitton  

Courtesy of Josephine Jeremiah

Inside St. Mary's, Bitton

Courtesy of Hidden Heritage

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