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"County Bridge, Keynsham, shewing Seat dividing Somerset & Gloucester"
The bridge was washed away in the floods of 10th July 1968
Old postcard, Courtesy of Clare

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A scan of the complete listing for Keynsham, with many familiar names listed, can be viewed by clicking on the link for Keynsham in Pigot's Directory 1844.

Also see our Keynsham Union Workhouse page for details of workhouse records held, and areas covered by the Keynsham Union.

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Houses in Temple St Keynsham, now demolished

According to the book "The Changing Face of Keynsham in Old Photographs"
By Barbara Lowe & Margaret Whitehead 1994

ROBBINS, FRAY, FORD, COX, RAYSON, SWEET and GODFREY were well known in Temple St."

Unknown local boys - probably at Keynsham Mill
Old photo that came with Keynsham postcards - Courtesy of Clare

Temple St is one of Keynsham's oldest streets, a continuation of High St.
The east side of Temple St was demolished in the 1960s, along with many other old parts of Keynsham.

Temple St. photographs on this page are courtesy of
"The Changing Face of Keynsham in Old Photographs" (1994) by Barbara Lowe & Margaret Whitehead


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