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by Josephine

My GREEN family in the neighbourhood is likely to have originated with Anthony GREEN who had a settlement examination in Bitton in 1759. He was born in Calne, Wiltshire c. 1722 and married Rebecca SWEET on 22nd. July 1747 at Bitton. Click on the sidebar link to read his settlement examination.


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My 5x great-grandfather was Anthony GREEN. I don't yet have a baptism for him in Bitton, but his father may have been the Anthony GREEN who married Rebecca SWEET on 22nd. July 1747 at Bitton.

My 5x great-grandparents, Anthony GREEN and Elizabeth KING, were married on 26th. August 1787 at Heddington, Wiltshire. Their daughter, Mary, was baptized at Heddington on 13th. January 1788. Mother's name was recorded as Betty. Anthony GREEN, Elizabeth, his wife, and Mary, their daughter, aged about one and a half, were removed from Heddington, Wiltshire to Bitton, Gloucestershire on 5th. May 1789.

After the removal of Anthony and Betty GREEN to Bitton, they had more children. They were baptized at St. Mary's Church, Bitton: Elizabeth, 24th. November 1789; William, 24th. March 1793; Mary, 8th. June 1794; Maria, 5 months, 17th. September 1797; Charles, 1st. June 1800; Moses, 29th. May 1803; John, aged 5 years, 10th. June 1810;

Maria GREEN and George HANCOCK were my 4x great-grandparents. They were married on 26th. July 1818 at the church of St. Philip & St. Jacob, Bristol.







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