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by Pat

I was brought up on stories of the LONG family from Bitton, which according to my grandfather, was "a very important family" - subsequent research has failed to find any evidence to support this! There are LONGs in Bitton dating back before my family but contacts have yet been made. Grandfather also spoke lyrically about our connection with Edwin LONG RA who had named his house in London "Kelston" to celebrate his link with this part of the country. I think Edwin was probably descended from a James LONG but I do not have any documentary evidence.


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Robert LONG and Hester PRIGG were married in St Mary's Church, Bitton on 17th May 1767 with witness Abraham LONG but I haven't yet found evidence of Robert's birth or death. Robert had 3 known sons, Robert, Abraham and Samuel but family legend tells of the possibility of another one, James (grandfather of Edwin LONG RA?) I'm descended from Robert's son, Samuel LONG, a yeoman farmer, born in about 1778 in Bitton. He was christened, aged 25, in 1803 the day before he was married in Bitton to Ann BURCHELL and they had 7 children, all christened in Bitton (Oldland). Samuel and Ann are buried in St Mary's Churchyard with their grave situated just to the left of the lych gate.

I have traced the 7 children of Samuel & Ann.
  1. Their eldest daughter, Elizabeth (b 1804) married William BRYANT in St James, Bristol in 1830 and had at least one son, William.
  2. Their eldest son, Samuel (b 1806), remained in Bitton and was living at Westover for much of that time. By all accounts he was a colourful character. He was apprenticed to a butcher (I have his indentures) but was given to buying and selling property, owning at one time a Sand Pit at Bitton producing superior quality sand for brass, copper and iron foundries. He was married in 1850 to a Sarah ROGERS and I have just discovered he was a widower when he married her! As far as I know he did not have any children.
  3. Hester (b 1808) married John GERRISH (also from Bitton), a butcher. They had 12 children, moving to Keynsham in about 1845 where they spent the rest of their lives.
  4. Robert (b 1810) moved to Bristol setting up in Redcliffe Hill as a Sadler and Harness maker. At one time he also was responsible to hiring out horses.
  5. Ann (b 1812) married John BURROWS, a carpenter and joiner from Wells in Somerset and set up home in Bristol with at least 5 children.
  6. Their next son George, (b 1815) died young and is buried with his parents in St Mary's Churchyard.
  7. Their youngest son, Thomas (b 1818) was my great great grandfather and married Martha SHORT (also from Oldland). He was a currier and leather merchant living and working from Broadweir in Bristol. Thomas & Martha had 11 children and I am descended from their 4th child Samuel Thomas LONG.
Samuel's will written 9 years after the death of his wife, Ann BURCHELL mentions "His present wife, Ann" so I can only assume he married again but I can find no trace of who she was.

The next generation of LONGs were living away from Bitton but were very conscious of their Bitton roots.




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