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From the number of persons for whom births, marriages and deaths are recorded, LOVELL would seem to be a traditional Gloucestershire/Wiltshire name, though no extensive research into all the names has yet been undertaken of which I am aware.

John traces his ancestry back to William and Hester LOVELL, parents of William LOVELL baptised in Mangotsfield in 1680; he married Mary [unk] and their son Charles LOVELL was baptised in Mangotsfield in 1720. At some point this family, or at least this son, moved to Bitton because on 12 Dec 1756 at St James, Mangotsfield Charles LOVELL "of the parish of Bitton" married Mary BURCHELL "of this parish". They then lived in Bitton where they had many children, including William LOVELL baptized there in 1771.

Then William LOVELL "of the parish of Bitton" married Hester LEONARD "of this parish" in St George on 19 May 1793, and they had 14 children: Ann (1793), Samuel (1795), Mary (1797), Hannah (1799), Joanna (1800), Elizabeth (1803), William (1806), Hester (1808), Christiana (1813), William (1813), William (1815), Susannah (1815), Susannah (1817), and Thomas (1819). Mary LOVELL married John CRATES in 1918 and Hannah LOVELL married John's brother, James CRATES, at St Paul's Bristol in 1834. Joanna LOVELL married Thomas FLOWER in 1825.

Another researcher is a descendant of another of William and Hannah's children, William LOVELL (b 1813) who married Sarah FLOOK in St George in 1838. Their son Isaac LOVELL lived 1844-1901; his son Alfred LOVELL (1871-1919) married Hester BRITTON; their son William LOVELL (1900-73) married Mary WILLIS.

Mary and John CRATES had 13 children between 1819 and 1837, including John's 2X great grandfather John Herbert CRATES born 1823 in St George. Four were given the name LOVELL as their middle name. One grandson born in 1858 was also christened William Lovell CRATES. Also, Thomas and Joanna FLOWER's son was christened Thomas Lovell FLOWER in 1828.

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