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by Mark Grace

The MONKS moved to Stapleton about 1700, and were a dominant family by late 1800's. Their origins before this time have recently been deduced as originating from a C11th Norman French family given lands in SW of England. Their family name and those associated with it developed through the next four centuries to be MONKS (and similar phonetic variant spellings). A link on my webpage will take anyone interested to the original research paper. Almost all males by the C18th were Stone Cutters or Masons by trade.

As most of the early MONKS in the Bristol area were people who hewed minerals out of the ground (stone or coal) it is possible that most had a common ancestor. It is also possible that ancestor came from Lancashire.

William HAWKINS & ..... MONKE, "two despicable wretches" were Kingswood cottagers who were tempted by Sir John NEWTON with £10 each to swear falsely against Francis CRESWICK in 1685 (that he was in the Monmouth Rebellion). [from Ellacombe's "History of Bitton"]

John Clark MONK(S), n. 25.2.1760 in Bristol, Glos (Syston/Siston) was a sea captain who died 9.12.1827 and is entombed at Perryman Cemetery, Maryland, USA along with both his wives (first wife Mary [family name unknown] & second wife Sarah Rebecca LEWIS). He also owned a tavern and a dry goods store in Abingdon, MD. The story is that he left his crew instructions that when he died, his feet were not to touch dry land for any reason. He is entombed in a drum filled with rum suspended by chains in the tomb. He is known as the "Hanging Sailor of Perryman".


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My 6xGGPS are Stephen MONKS & Ann LEGG from the early C18th, probably m. 1733 Stapleton. This may be Stephen's second marriage after he married a Mary in 1729.

My 5xGGPs are Jonathon MONKS (1750) & Susannah HIGGS who married in 1773. Their children included Elizabeth (1774), Joseph (1776; m. ?Mary LEGG), Stephen (1780; m. Ann SHORTMAN in 1801), William (1781; m. Mary ADAMS in 1809), John (1783, my 4xGGF), Ann (1784), Samuel (1785; m. Martha GAY in 1806), Jonathon (1791; m. Sarah ADAMS in 1812), Ann (1792), & George (1795; m. Maria SPERRIN in 1818).

My 4xGGPs John MONKS, Mason/Stonecutter married Harriet HOLBROOK on 8.3.1807 at St James's. Bristol. The HOLBROOKs are a Bristol family originally from the Iron Acton area. All children at Stapleton: Robert (c1808; m. Mary SMITH in 1831), George (1810; m. Ann FLOOK in 1834, then a Martha after 1844), Samuel (c1812; m. Ann FRANKCOM in 1834, then her sister Mary FRANKOM/FRANCOMBE), Hester (c1816, my 3xGGM), John (c1816; m. Jane WINSTONE in 1840), Harriet (c1818; m. Joseph COX in 1845), Mary (c1821; presumed d. by 1829), William (c1823; presumed d. by 1831), Caroline (c1826), Mary Anne (c1829; m. Henry MILLS in 1867), William (c1831; m. Caroline - no issue) & Alfred John (c1834; m. Ellen LOVELL in 1854).

My 3xGGM Hester married Joseph BATEMAN 15.5.1836 at Stapleton.


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