Bitton Families



by Marsha

We are learning of this family in Bitton and have information on just one branch for now. We would welcome input from other NAISH researchers.


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Margaret,   Marsha,   Michael  
Our earliest is John NAISH, blacksmith, who d 1787, Bitton. His wife was Sarah (nee Unknown). Our direct connection is youngest daughter Sarah who m. Isaac LEWIS, 1764, Bitton. Their son Robert LEWIS m. Mary THOMPSON (d/o James/Elizabeth) 1794, Publow, and Robert/Mary's daughter Rachel m. John MEERE, 1818, Bitton. After Robert died in 1800, Mary married his brother, Isaac, 1802, Bristol.

John/Sarah's daughter, Rachel, m. Samuel BUSH, 1766, Bitton. Rachel/Samuel's son John m. another Mary THOMPSON, 1793 Bitton. We have some information on this branch.

Other children of John/Sarah are sons John (bap 1835) and Thomas (bap 1735/6).


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