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The PARKER family that I am researching begins with Edward PARKER, Gentleman of Bitton. (b 25 Oct 1681; d. 18 July 1752). He married Elizabeth ROSEWELL of Bitton on 18 June 1702. They had six children.

The first child Edward died at the age of 3 months.

Elizabeth married John CLARKE of Brailes, Warwick on 18 June 1734. Apparently there are many individuals researching this line.

Joseph PARKER married Sarah ENGLAND in 1743. They had two children Joseph and William. Sarah died in 1745 and was buried in Bitton. Joseph then married Rachel WHITTINGTON of Bitton on 05 July 1767.

Alice PARKER died at the age of one year.

Edward PARKER (b. abt 1712 and d. 1741).

Richard PARKER married Mary HIPSLEY in 1741 in Bristol. They had seven children all born and buried in Bitton. Elizabeth died at the age of 12 in 1754. Mary died at the age of 11 in 1755. Richard PARKER (b. 1749 and d. 1814). Edward PARKER (b. 1745 and d. 1811). According to the PARKER family wills, they lived in Bristol. I have not found if either son was married. The three other children of Richard and Mary are buried in Bitton, names are currently unknown.

This line of PARKERs carried the title of Gentleman until the 1880s. The descendents were merchants, land owners, surgeons, educators, etc. There are two memorials within the Bitton Church dedicated to John Scott PARKER and Henry Perrott PARKER M.A., descendents of Edward and Elizabeth ROSEWELL.


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