Bitton Families



by Roy

The earliest known is, John, who settled in North Stoke, SOM, but originated in South Molton, Devon. John m. Letitia SHILLARD, (family from Chippenham, Wiltshire, near Bitton), 1812, Walcott, Bath. Their marriage entry shows him to be of Washfield, Devon. They are documented in North Stoke, SOM (adjacent to Upton Cheyney, Bitton, GLS).

Their children were: Henry John (1814-1881), Mary (bap 1816; m. George PARKER, 1837), Letitia (bap 1819), George (bap 1822; m. Ann HABGOOD, 1851), Ann (1824-1852), Elizabeth (bap 1825-1882; m. Giles Bush MEERE, 1853), John (bap 1830).

Note: Roy died suddenly April 14, 2004, before this project was completed. We would welcome someone to continue this page/section. Meanwhile, Marsha has copies of many of Roy's files and will try to assist with inquires about the KIBBLE family.


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Marsha (on behalf of Roy)  
Elizabeth and Giles MEERE were the parents of Roy's grandmother, Mary Jane MEERE.


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