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By Pat

Grandfather LONG, often recounted how his grandmother on her wedding day went into the church SHORT but came out LONG! Martha LONG nee SHORT had been born in Oldland in 1813, daughter of Isaac and Hester SHORT, and christened at St Anne's, Oldland. Isaac SHORT, like so many of the men in that area, was a hatter and had married Hester HARDING in 1794 in St Mary's Church, Bitton.


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Arthur Thomas DAVIDGE married Elizabeth SHORT 4th Qtr 1885 Barton Regis. Elizabeth SHORT was registered 3rd Qtr 1861 Clifton, daughter of Evan & Hannah SHORT of Bitton.  I have been collecting information on this branch of the SHORT family.  While Evan SHORT was a Mason, his father Mark SHORT was a Hatter. I have gone back and picked up the ancestors of Elizabeth SHORT with the help of Pat. From my CD of Bristol Diocese Baptisms 1813-1837 I have picked up as many baptisms as I could, however, I am looking for transcriptions of the earlier parish registers to add specific information.

I have traced my branch of the SHORT family back to the marriage in 1735 in Bitton of a William SHORT and Mary JARRET. Their son, William, also a hatter, was born in about 1740 and married Hannah SHILL in 1764 in Bitton but was not christened until 1801 when he was 61! When he was buried in 1821 the register states that he "died suddenly" at 83!

William and Hannah SHORT had at least 4 children
  1. Silas (b. abt 1766) christened in 1788 in Pucklechurch. Silas was a blacksmith
  2. Aaron (b. abt 1770) christened in 1795 in Bitton (aged 25) on the same day as one of his children. Aaron had married Sarah OLLIS in 1791 in Bitton and had 7 children
  3. Isaac (b. abt 1771) christened in 1822 in St Anne's Oldland (aged 51) married Hester HARDING in 1794 and had 9 children
  4. Zipporah (b. abt 1776) christened in 1797 in Bitton (aged 21). Zipporah married Samuel WORLOCK in Bitton in 1805. [Samuel WORLOCK was the brother of Thomas WORLOCK, who was poisoned by his wife Rebecca in 1820]

These late christenings are not uncommon in the Bitton district - caused I believe by the spread of non-conformity in the area. I have information of many of the descendents of Silas, Aaron and Zipporah as well as my direct line through Isaac

Isaac and Hester SHORT had 9 children
  1. Hannah (b. 1795)
  2. Zipporah (b. 1797)
  3. Dorcas (b. 1801) married Peter WEBB in 1824 in Bristol and had 6 children
  4. Ruth (b. 1803) [In 1881 Ruth is living in the household of her nephew Thomas Henry LONG]
  5. Elizabeth (b 1806)
  6. Mark (b. 1808) married Eliza BRITTON in 1827 in Mangotsfield and had 7 children
  7. Charlotte (b. 1811) married Joseph WILLINGTON (WELLINGTON?) in 1836 in Bitton; 5 children
  8. Martha (b. 1813) married Thomas LONG in 1839 in Bristol, and had 11 children.
  9. Sarah (b. 1816) married William Chambers NUELL in 1843 in Bristol


I've collected information about many of the SHORT families of Bitton and would be pleased to share with anybody who is intereste


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