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by Marsha

The COSTER family is associated with some of the earliest copper mills in the Bristol area. They are included here because of the discovery of a Marriage License allegation in GLS: 1709 Jun 15 John THOMPSON aged 22, of Newland, Glos & Anne COSTER aged 22, spinster of Newland, Glos, with consent of friends. Signed 'John TOMPSON'.

The actual marriage has not been found (original records noted as unfit), but there are baptisms, beginning in 1710, Newland, of children of John/Anne THOMPSON. John is identified within the known THOMPSON family, but Anne has not yet been identified/placed within the known COSTER family of Redbrook/Newland.

We suspect that this couple may be the founding THOMPSON family of Bye Mill, SOM and are searching area records. If so, most of the area THOMPSONs are also COSTERs.

We have been surprised to discover one/two COSTER entries in the Bitton Parish Records, and do not know how or if this supports our theory.

1691 Sep 29 James COSTER/CASTER buried.
1716 May 9 John COSTER m. Katharn BAILEY.


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