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Other families from Bitton and surrounding areas

Here is a listing of links to websites and webpages for other families that we have come across while searching for our own Bitton families. Many contain extensive information about the various families.

The bold headings are links, with some additional links listed below.

Please Contact Us if you know of other websites relating to Bitton area families and we will add them to this list.

Dai Bevan's site. My great grandmother was Annie Baggridge (Bageridge on her marriage cert). Annie is the grandaughter of Mary HAINS, who was born in Bitton in 1875, and married there in 1812.

The BRIGHT family of Bitton, Gloucestershire
The Link to this page no longer works. Does anyonw know if it has been located elsewhere?
Genealogy and old photographs of the BRIGHT family.
Part of Marjorie's family archive which includes other familiar names including LEONARD, LOVELL, MILSOM, MONKS, PARFITT, TYLER and more.

The CAINES Family and the Cock Road Gang
Detailed information on the local CAINES Family and their associates,
from Paul Townsend's Bristol History site.
See also Tales of the Cock Road Gang of Kingswood from the same site

COMBS &c. families of Bitton, Gloucester, England
Genealogy and wills for the COOMES/COOMBES family of Bitton and Swinford.
Part of the Combs-Coombs &c. Genealogy and history website

FUDGE - Gloucestershire Records
Gloucestershire FUDGE Names ordered by Parish, Year, ForeName (work in progress),
with many entries for Bitton and surrounding areas.
Part of the UK One Name Study of the FUDGE Surname.
A website dedicated to anything and everything GINGELL. Submitted by Richard Noble. Their connections to Bitton go back at least 200 years and any local knowledge to the family history would be appreciated.
HALE ancestors who were born, lived or died in the West Country of England or in South Wales.
A very comprehensive site. The Parish Registers page has information on HALES and the people they married, as well as witnesses, from Bitton and Keynsham, and many other local parishes.

The LEAR Families
The website for the LEAR family some of whom have origins in the village of Bitton.

Marshfield Families
Jim and Gina Parson's sites re their Marshfield, S. Glos research. The uk.groups site has transcriptions of Marshfield PRs and other data available in the FILES section. More info (Family Trees etc) is available in the Gloucestershire section of their Family Web Pages at the payman site.

The OLLIS family website
Website by members of the OLLIS family, dedicated to OLLIS genealogy and history worldwide. Lots of OLLIS information including several pages on local OLLISes. Check the indexes carefully. There are several separate listings on local families in different sections of the site, including BMD information and Pictures of Keynsham OLLISes

Bob OSBORN's family history website
The link to this site is not working. A Google search reveals a link to an ebook purchase site.
Bob Osborn has written an e-book about his families' history and life at the time, covering several centuries. His site has extensive listings of his family tree and includes information on the following people, and others.
The Descendants of Simon COOL (c1698) of Hanham, Gloucs
The Descendants of Henry GAY (c1595-1653) Parish Clerk of Siston, Gloucs
The Descendants of Daniel OSBORN (c1690) of Siston, Gloucs

The PRATTEN family website
Graham Pratten's extensive site has quite a lot on families in the Bitton area.
The main entry point for Families is

The following Bitton families can be seen at addresses below:
Pratten -
Jefferies -
Fry -
Jones -
Smith -

Families in neighbouring parishes are:
Marsh of Wick -
Bryant of Wick -
Goodhind of Saltford -
Welch of St George -

Storywise site
Paul Costello's site, which includes information about brothers John (1844 -1930) and Coster (1857-1943) THOMPSON, who migrated to Wales. The brothers are descendants of Coster THOMPSON and Honour nee FLOWER, who lived in Publow after their 1802 Bitton marriage.

The TAYLOR family history website
by Paul Taylor of Bristol. A very thorough site which goes back as far as 13x Great Grandparents in some cases, tracing the ancestry of the following families, and others, many of whom originated in Bitton.

Brain of Kingswood, Gloucestershire. Banfield of Kingswood, Gloucestershire. Haynes of Kingswood, Gloucestershire. Garland of Kingswood, Gloucestershire. Caswell of Kingswood, Gloucestershire. Bateman of Kingswood, Gloucestershire. Williams of Wick and Abson, Gloucestershire. Hobbs of Kingswood, Gloucestershire. Johnson of Kingswood, Gloucestershire. Moorman of Kingswood, Gloucestershire. Nicholls of Kingswood, Gloucestershire. Cryer of Kelston, Somerset. Prigg of Kingswood, Gloucestershire. Gunning of Kingswood, Gloucestershire. Bletchley of Kelston, Somerset. Reed of Kingswood, Gloucestershire. England of Kingswood, Gloucestershire. Maynard of North Stoke, Somerset. Wilcox of North Stoke, Somerset. Harding of Upton Cheyney, Somerset.

Also contains transcriptions of wills, etc. for some of these families.

Tormarton Families

By Martin Palmer. On this site you will find details of many of the families who lived in Tormarton, Hinton and Dyrham and other surrounding villages. Many of the families featured here are in Martin's family tree. Some of them are direct relations, others are linked through marriage. Other families not directly related but key members of those villages have been included as well.

Voyages In Time ~ The Family Vault
This site has details on the ROBERTS family of Kingswood and Oldland.

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